Maldhari Rural Action Group


MARAG was established at the time when pastoralists were not recognized as development actors and there was no other organisation working exclusively with them. Those initial steps today have shaped into a movement of the pastoralists in Gujarat and outside.


Our Mission is "to create a Swasthaya (Healthy), Swavlambi (Self dependent), Sushikshit (Educated), Sahbhagi (Participatory), Samnyayi (Equal justice), Swabhimani (Dignified), Samaan (Equal) Society.”
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Pastoralist Parliament

pastorial Parliament

Pastoral parliament is a discussion forum - of the pastoralists, by the pastoralists and for the pastoralists. It sets the political agenda and addresses the issues of the pastoralists from all over India. The first parliament was held in the year 2008. Notably the parliament is hosted by the pastoralists from the region where it is organized. The venue, accommodation, and food is the shared responsibility of the pastoralists of the host region.

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