Maldhari Rural Action Group


Education can play an important role in bringing peace in the world. Education can also bring all kinds of equality in the society we live in. The limitations and challenges of the current education system are well understood and recognized, still there are few alternatives to the school education in India.

With this thought MARAG started working on formal and informal education of children. Firstly, it was ensured that the children of marginalized community get admission in school. Simultaneously there were efforts to improve the quality of education at school. 


To effectively implement the principle of Free and compulsory education MARAG initiated the campaign of Sabko Sikhsha….Samaan Siksha’ (Poor or rich, all have a right to equitable education).


The campaign spread from 10 to 300 villages. This campaign provided a platform to reach out to the teachers and parents. It also provided an opportunity to understand the issues of the education of the marginalized and gender inequality in education.  Since its beginning MARAG has facilitated numerous school enrollment drives, and training and workshops for parents and teachers.  These efforts have shown results and now this work is carried on by MARAG volunteers who were once children. Today, in 10 Blocks of Gujarat there is a regular programme "Tejaswi tarlaon nu samman" (Felicitation to the bright students) to commemorate young girls.