Maldhari Rural Action Group

Global Gathering of Women Pastoralists

Event Description :

From November 21-26, 2010, more than 100 people from 31 countries gathered in Mera, a rural area of India in the province of Gujarat, for the first Global Gathering of Women Pastoralists. The goal of the Gathering was to contribute to the empowerment of women pastoralists in order for them to participate equitably in decision-making within their communities, governments and other local, national, regional and international forums, whilst also raising awareness of the specific challenges faced by women pastoralists in shifting social, economic and ecological environments.


The Gathering was structured around a flexible programme that was designed to provide time for

  • Cultural Events
  • Skills Sharing
  • Regional Discussions
  • Discussions Around Themes of Interest

Every effort was made to ensure that women’s voices were heard and towards this end, interpreters and interpreting equipment was made available for participants and facilitators gave priority to women participants. Only pastoralist women had delegate status. However, men and other women were able to attend as observers. Observers were able to fully participate in the Gathering but did not have the right to vote.



Start Time
12:00 AM
Sunday, November 21, 2010
Finish Time
11:59 PM
Friday, November 26, 2010
Mera, Gujarat (India)
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